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May 2019 Update

What a wonderful year we have had at preschool! Thank you to all the great families who trust us with their precious little ones. We really love these children and have grown very attached to them. Saying goodbye is always hard, but they are ready to fly beyond the Noah’s Ark nest. We are very honored to be able to serve the community now for 50 years!

I have truly enjoyed my time at Noah’s Ark and I am excited to see what God has planned for me! My last day will be May 24. I want to thank God, my family, this church, the staff, and the preschool families for their support throughout my leadership God has given me the strength to do things that I thought I couldn’t do. I will always cherish my time serving my church and my community.

Please continue to pray for the Noah’s Ark ministry and welcome Kris Crowther as the new Director. Enrollment is ongoing for our 2019-2020 school year. Please contact us by email: or
call 319-396-3125.

Leslie Clauson
Director of Noah’s Ark Preschool

February 2019 Update

In January, we began testing our 4-year-old classes. Testing is presented in a game format and is done on a one-on-one basis with the teacher. Most children really enjoy the time with their teacher. Once testing is over, the teachers will send out a final progress report. Then each family will decide if Alternative Kindergarten or Kindergarten is best for their child.Our 3-year-old classes focused on spatial concepts, shapes, daytime/nighttime, and pockets. The younger classes have come a long way since September!

Noah’s Ark will have another blood drive for the Mississippi Valley at the church March 11. Please donate if you can. Book your appointment online. If we meet our quota of donations, the blood center gives a grant to Noah’s Ark!

Registration for our 2019-2020 school year is underway. If you know someone interested, please have them contact us by email, 396-3125, or visit Any Cedar Hills active member whose child attends Noah’s Ark Preschool will receive 10% off tuition. We feel as a member you already support Cedar Hills financially. Noah’s Ark, as a ministry of this church, wants to support your child’s Christian education.

If your child is attending AK or Kindergarten in the fall, you should receive a letter from your child’s school soon. If you have not been contacted, call the school your child will be attending.

We are amazed with the amount of growth in the children already and feel privileged to be a part of their lives.

In Christ,
Leslie Clausen
Director of Noah’s Ark Preschool

October 2018 Newsletter

We are excited that school has finally started!

We currently have 48 students enrolled in our program. We do have some openings. If you know of anyone, who is interested, please have them call our office, 396-3125.

It’s been fun getting to know the little ones and learning their names. There are less and less tears as the children are getting use to us and finding out that we have a lot of fun at preschool.

All the children learned about a man named Noah and his great big boat and that he listened to God. We talked about friends and families and how not all families look the same and that is just fine. Soon everyone will be looking for signs of fall.

Thank you to everyone who has brought snacks, supplies, and paid all their fees on time! I just want to remind parents to label your child’s jacket/coat and their backpack.

We are off to a great start on our 49th year at Noah’s Ark Preschool. Thanks for trusting us to care for and to teach your precious little ones!

In Christ,
Leslie Clauson
Noah’s Ark Preschool Director

September 2018 Newsletter

We have been very busy gearing up for the new school year. The classrooms are clean, toys sorted, crafts are prepped, and lesson plans are prepared. We had our orientation night on Aug 23. Orientation allows the children an opportunity to meet their teachers, see their classroom, and meet their classmates. While the children are busy playing, I meet with the parents to go over our Parent Handbook and any other questions they have. Our goal is to have a smooth transition for everyone when school begins.

God has blessed us with 51 students enrolled for fall! There are a few openings in our program. If you know anyone interested, have them contact us at 396-3125. We are excited for classes to start Sept 4, the day after Labor Day. We have lots of new ideas that we are excited to see in action.

Jan Fick, Lori Larson, Kris Crowther, Lorri Anderson, and I will all be returning to teach this year. These people are a pleasure to work with everyday and make my job a lot easier. I feel blessed to work with fellow Christians who are passionate about teaching young children.

Please pray for all of us as we begin this new school year. Thank you!

In Christ,
Leslie Clauson
Noah’s Ark Preschool Director

April 2018 Update

Telling a preschooler the real Easter story is a delicate matter. No bunnies, no colorful eggs. We use felt pieces to help show the story, and tell the whole story, scary parts and all. We begin by saying, this is the most important story they have ever heard and it’s a real story. We discuss, all the time, if a story we read is real or make believe. Most of them can tell you the real story about a little baby born in Bethlehem, but now that boy is a grown man, already a hard concept to imagine for a young mind. Then, we talk about how some people hated Jesus.

What?! They thought he was a good guy. Yes, he is a very good guy, but mean people wanted to hurt him. They ask, “Why?” Well, Jesus told everyone that he was the Son of God and he performed miracles, but some people were threatened by his power and wanted to kill him. “What? Like really kill him?” they ask. Yes, so they beat him badly and then nailed his hands and feet to a cross. He hung there until he died. Their eyes are as big as saucers by this time and the room is very quiet. Their teachers are telling them this scary story and it’s not how our stories usually go.

Then, Jesus’ friends wrapped his body and put him in a tomb with a huge rock in front so no one would bother him. His friends were very sad; they went to the tomb three days later, but the stone had been rolled away! This is the good part! An angel appeared and told them that Jesus was risen and he was not in the tomb. What?! Now their heads are spinning trying to think how that happened. We tell them that God raised Jesus from the dead; he was seen by many people; and then he went to heaven and now sits with God. We finish the story telling them that Jesus was sent by God to die for all our sins, every one of us.  Wait, what?! We are part of this story?!” Yes, we are all sinners and Jesus died for us. Young minds blown! John 3:16-“For this is the way God loved the world: He gave His one and only son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish, but have eternal life.”

~ Leslie
Director of Noah’s Ark Preschool

March 2018 Newsletter

February was full of fun activities! Everyone learned about the mail and what happens to your letter after you put it in the mailbox. We all enjoyed giving and receiving valentines! Our testing is all done for our 4- and 5-year-olds and evaluations have been sent out. The 3-year-old classes had fun learning about snowmen, dinosaurs, and creation. Second report cards for our younger classes will be sent out before spring break.

Our 2018-2019 registration is ongoing. If you know someone who would like information, have them call us at 396-3125 or email. All classes meet from 9-11:30.

Our spring break will be March 12-16, same as CR schools.

Please mark you calendars for March 19th to donate blood! Mississippi Valley Blood Center will come here and set up in the Gathering Space. Your time from check-in to check-out is less than an hour. Please sign up to donate; our area is in desperate need. Call Leslie at the Preschool to sign up at 396-3125!

I can’t believe there are only 3 more months left of school! I’m ready for spring and we can’t wait to see all those flowers come up in front of our windows again! I want to remind everyone that we will be offering a 6-week (two 3-week sessions) summer school program in June and July. This program is for current Noah’s Ark students only. I will give more details next month.
Have a great March!

In Christ,
Leslie Clauson,

January 2018

What a great month we’ve had at preschool. We were very busy learning about the first Christmas. All the classes visited with Pastor Kent and he told them about that special night that Jesus was born. Acting out the very first Christmas was a big highlight for the children and families. Thank you to all who attended. Thank you to all the generous families who donated items to help preschool! Thank you for the teachers’ gifts, too.

Registration for our 2018-2019 school year is open to everyone. If you know someone who needs information, have them stop by our office or call us at 396-3125 or visit:

In January the 4-year-olds will begin their testing. These tests are designed to be fun and playful and non-stressful. Testing will help the teachers give an accurate report card for parents so they may decide if Kindergarten or Alternative-Kindergarten is best for their child. It also helps parents identify some areas they may wish to work on with their child.

Thank you for supporting Noah’s Ark Preschool. We feel very blessed to be doing something that we love and sharing God’s Word.

In Christ,
~ Leslie
Director of Noah’s Ark Preschool